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Unicart Change Log

(A) Library Updates. (Pending support for Netsuite)

(M) correct issue where products could occasionally be assigned to the wrong category (MYOB Live)

(M) Speed optimization on transfer of items (MYOB Live)

(A) Library Updates. (Pending support for Netsuite)

(A) Library Updates. (Pending support for Netsuite)

(M) Remove Time from the Invoice Timestamp for Accountright Live

(A) Library Updates. (Pending support for Netsuite)

(A) Library Updates.

(M) Use Customer VAT now supports cash customers.

(A) Library Updates.

(V) Only active items marked for the webstore are transferred.

(V) Skip unnecessary pricing transfer steps for Netsuite

(A) Library Updates.

(V) Add option to toggle between MYOB and Netsuite (development)

(V) Handle error retreiving Shipping items in Netsuite

(A) Library Updates.

(M) Fix order amounts going wrong with items over $$999.99

(M) Fix updating invalid status of numeric sku items

(A) Library Updates.

(A) Library Updates.

(M) Stock Transfer task was only checking the first 500 items, corrected.

(M) Performance improvement for stock transfer for people running Accountright Live.

(A) Fixed issue in installer for people upgrading from versions greater then

(A) Improved error handling when loading options in Accountright Live.

(A) Improved error handling when transferring customers in Accountright Live.

(A) Library Updates

(V) Additional error handling and updated messages in the sync customer levels task

(A) Library updates.

(M) Add new option to allow customer id to be specified in the website customer VAT.

(A) Update of libraries.

(A) Correction of support contract display information.

(A) Added quick sync option to the front page.

(V2) Stock Committed below 0 on the website now always reset to 0.

(A) Spelling corrections in custom item error loading..

(V2) Added option to re-order the categories alphabetically.

(V) Option to import pricing levels from the website on the initial sync.

(A) Correct response to de-registration command.

(V) Correct discount as group %'s.

(A) Now possible to delete Profile 1.

(V2) Sales comments now import into the referral field on a sale.

(M) Add option to only add new items, not update existing

(M) Updates to stock transfer settings

(A) Various minor bug fixes

(A) Corrected unable to locate cash customer reccord when assigning sales to cash customers
(M) Additional error handling and messages in importing payments

(M) Sales can now match on email addresses as well as customers

(M) Corrected error handling messages for MYOB 2016+
(M) Fixed eroneous "DataBind" error
(M) Added importing of Payments in MYOB 2016+

(M) When matching on email, address of existing customers no longer overwritten
(M) Corrected some rounding/discount issues for multi-quantities

(M) Corrected handling of GST Rounding on invoices
(M) Existing Customer's addresses are not automatically updated

(A) Accountright Live now finds Item Code when adding invoices to MYOB Live 2016
(A) Missing freight added onto Invoices for MYOB 2016+
(A) Corrected error handling when adding invoices in MYOB 2016+
(A) Invoices added into MYOB 2016+ now have corrected Inclusive setting
(A) If Multiple GST Codes are at the same rate, system will try and use the Customer GST Code and Export GST Codes first if their rate is the same
(A) Update Button on main screen changes to red if an update is available
(M) Customer Purchase Order Number info now added
(M) Use next invoice number now matches correctly

(A) Corrected handling of large numbers of customers in order Transfer for MYOB 2016+
(A) Performance improvements on transfer customers and orders for MYOB 2016+

(A) Add option to de-register software
(V2) Add option to generate shopper groups and prices based on Volume Discount levels

(A) Add option to directly enter Renewal Code
(A) Card ID now a drop to to force a valid selection

(A) Removed Alpha message, first full version
(M) Update connection info for transfering product images to latest V1 API specification

(A) Remove message about support when running in trial mode

(A) Updates to version and support handling

(M) Correct handling of large customer lists when matching by email (MYOB 2016+)

(M) Correct error message in transfer pricing (MYOB 19.x and earlier)

(V) Supplier Item Number now mapped to Product MPN

(A) Library Updates

(M) Allow matching by email in Accountright Live

(A) Additional fixes to Accountright Live Online file connections

(A) Correct Authentication handling in Accountright Live
(A) Remove sample files from Accountright Live file listing
(A) Add Version information to Accountright Live file listings

(M) Correct status handling when disabling products

(V) Correct case handling when uploading media to website

(V2) Added support for handling direct order coupons

(A) Various minor bug fixes - Accountright Live transfers

(V2) Fix issue with retriving item list from MYOB introduced in

(V2) Product Variants now treated as non-inventoried

(M/V) Added support for Accountright Live 2016.x
(A) Updated libraries with improved error handling
(A) Row versions now saved as UID string for compatibility with Accountright Live
(A) Various performance improvements

(M) Stock updates done via SKU not productid in Magento versions <= 1.7 (speed issues during stock update)
(A) Correction to product category handling in Accountright Live

(V2) Correct handling of primary user id's in orders with separate shipping

(V) Minor bug fixes

(V) Correct handling of product order field when Stock - OnOrder - Unsellable selected.

(M) Bug fixes for online Accountright Live

(V) Virtuemart 2.x/3.x now supports using primary user id
(A) Additional error trapping for loading MYOB options

(V) Existing unmatched shopper group can now work with MYOB matched ones

(V) Add option to not add date to the slug (alias)

(M) Change to updating stock levels by product id where possible, fix issue where stock update could go slow

(M) Fix issue where default pricing is not always updated (from

(M) Fix issue where missing tier pricing could create long delays and time outs updating items

(M) Fix issue with multiple statuses and single transferred status not matching correctly

(A) Added option so cards in MYOB can me matched and updated by email address if they are already present.

(M) Remove error message when no group pricing exists (from

(M) Remove error message when no pricing tiers exists (from

(A) Add option for a quick sync (transfer customers, sales and stock)
(A) Allow the quick option to be set on the command line
(A) Confirmation when scheduled task has been added
(M) Correct progress bar in transfer items
(M) Existing group pricing and pricing tiers will now be removed on pricing sync

(M) Additional error handling to handle BOF error on pricing sync

(A) Correct "No update available" heading on main page
(M) Correct wrong status being selected with more than 2 transfer statuses

(A) Improved support for large item lists

(A) Updated Interface
(A) Updated Libraries
(A) Support for syncing with Accountright Live (Limited)
(A) Support status integration
(M) Multiple transferred statuses
(M) Allow website id(s) by item

Last modified on Thursday, 08 February 2018 16:36
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