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Unicart Change Log

(M2) ID Numbers were missing in order errors messages if # as PO was enabled.

(A) Multiple invalid SKUs now generate multiple error messages.

(M2) Users with a company name in their billing address will now be imported as type company.

(M2) Fixed orders and companies in multi-store websites were all coming in on sync.

(A) Correct strange rounding issues in prices.

(M2) Fixed missing descriptions on order lines.

(M2) Company Name now shows once on shipping address.

(NS)Fixed issue where searches with an exact multiple of 1000 records would return an error.


(M2)Fix invoices couldn't be loaded from some order ids

(M2)Improved error messages on order sync

(M2) Improved error messages on failure to load orders

(M2) Improved error messages on connection errors to sync

(M2) Corrected Test Connection button so it doesn't always succeed

(VM) Support new flags in products

(VM) Support new flags in categories

(NS) Additional serial number info for RMA

(NS) EOL field now maps to Discontinued

(NS) Categories can now link to custom fields

(A) Corrected issue with the saved passwords were getting corrupted on new installs

(M2) Corrected multiple issues with sync in Magento 2

(NS) Add support for Sub Brands

(NS) Add support for custom fields in ranges

(NS) Add Sku to text on item sync

(A) Truncate company names to

(A) Upgrade Woocommerce support to include v3 api support

Additions for ServiceM8, issues with customer sync in Netsuite

(WC) Fix generation of Cash Customers to include addresses and support individual customers

(NS) Fix issue with updated primary users not pushing to the website

(A) Various minor fixes

(A) Fix issue with blank descriptions on order lines

(A) Fix issue with multiple cash sales generating an error after first sale is imported

(A) Fix issue with duplicate SKU's on website breaking the pricing sync

(NS) Fix issue with exactly 2000 records in Netsuite Items

(A) Fix issue where on connection failure, no error message was displayed

(A) Added support for WooCommerce

(A) Licencing moved to a subscription based model

(A) Updated Interface
(A) Updated Libraries
(A) Improved support for syncing with Accountright Live (Limited)
(NS) Improved performance of sync
(A) Some Sync processes moved to Async to allow better interface feedback

Looking for the version 3.x Change Log? View it here

Last modified on Wednesday, 05 August 2020 14:51


Transfer new customer records from your website to MYOB


Transfer new orders from your website to MYOB as either item or service sales


Using MYOB's custom lists, you can transfer a list of categories to your website.


Transfer your item information from MYOB to the website, including descriptions, images, multiple pricing and stock levels.

Flexible Pricing

Unicart allows you to run different pricing levels for your different customers, specials and quantity discounts all controlled from MYOB.


Need extra functionality?  Unicart supports custom extensions so we can extend it to fit with your business.


Either sync manually or setup a sync to your website to occur at a set interval using the Windows Task Scheduler


Link your MYOB file to multiple websites, or multiple MYOB files to separate websites even if they are different types.

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